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Wanna get CBX delivered to you at home? No problem, just visit our online delivery service and we’ll take care of the rest with same day delivery before 2pm and special offers available year round.
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Member Perks


Access to the new CBX Solventless Line

Our new small batch, artisan Solventless line has arrived and will be available exclusively for members of The CBX Club. Our Solventless line will include Cold Cured Live Rosin, Dry Sift Rosin and Fresh Pressed Live Rosin. Every order arrives cold stored in a custom CBX Solventless bag that is yours to keep!


Small Batch Flower Drops

Exclusive access to our persi, small batch flower drops throughout the year.


Pheno Hunter Packs

Access to the holy grail of new heat, the CBX Pheno Hunter pack. We need your help in selecting our next heaters for the CBX lineup!


Volume Discount

Special discounted pricing for those who like to stock up and play no games. While supplies last, don't sleep.


Drop Schedule

Receive the date and time of upcoming drops so you know in advance when our next drop is happening. Plan ahead so you can scoop the heat!

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What is The CBX Club?
Our new members only delivery program that allows you shop the heat online right here from our website and have it delivered to you at home with same day scheduled delivery. Oh, and the perks of being a member are STRAIGHT NEXT LEVEL.
What are the next level perks of being a member of The CBX Club?
  1. Exclusive access to the new CBX Solventless Line consisting of Cold Cured Live Rosin, Dry Sift Rosin, and Fresh Pressed Live Rosin.
  2. Exclusive access to Head Stash Quality, Small Batch flower Drops.
  3. Exclusive access twice a year to order the holy grail of new heat,  The CBX Pheno Hunter Pack.
  4. Online Drop Notifications. We HIGHLY recommend planning ahead and hopping online early for these to get first crack at ordering the heat you want. DROPS WILL SELL OUT FAST and we don’t want anyone to miss out or be disappointed. Please note all products are subject to availability and on a first come first serve basis.
  5. Volume Discounts for the legends who like to stock up and play no games.
Wow, that's absolutely bonkers. How do I order?
Whenever you want to get the heat delivered, visit our website and login using the massive “ORDER DELIVERY” button which will be at the top of our homepage beginning December 1st. From there you enter your login info and will be brought to our online store and can start FIRING, How do we know that? Cause we literally built the website and are really good at planning and stuff.
Where does The CBX Club deliver to?
The CBX Club delivers to select zip codes in Los Angeles, Long Beach, Pasadena, San Gabriel Valley, Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, Santa Clarita, Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga, Corona, San Bernardino, and San Diego. The CBX Club delivery region will be expanding as we roll out. If we don’t deliver to your area right now don’t trip. Delivery network will be expanding as time goes on and we will get to you. With a dope discount on your first order to make up for it.
Is The CBX Club a licensed delivery service?
The CBX Club is powered by GE United Technologies, the safest and most reliable licensed Cannabis delivery service in California. GE United Technologies is a fully licensed Cannabis delivery company and operates legally under California state law. Our Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) license number is (C9-0000128-LIC).