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Jet Setter OG

Updated: Mar 25

NAME: Jet Setter OG

Original Breeder: Cannabiotix exclusive

Parent Strains: White Walker OG x Redeye OG

Classification: Indica

Cannabinoid Profile: THC Dominant (25- 29%)

Flowering Time: 66 – 70 days

Aroma: Intense Gassy/fuel with slight lemon overtones

Flavors: Deep lemon fuel OG kush flavor

Primary Terps: Limonene, Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Linalool

Appearance: Golf Ball Shaped light green Gems with yellowish orange hairs.

Backstory of Strain: The product of breeding two of the most elite OG’s in the Cannabiotix genetic stable, the Jetsetter OG is a cross between the White Walker and Red Eye. This supreme Indica has a strong gassy, lemon aroma and produces golf ball shaped gems that pack a powerful full body stone. The Jetsetter is great for those suffering from stress, anxiety, or insomnia and is the perfect flower to end your day. Take a toke of the Jetsetter OG, layback, and take flight.

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