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Live Resin 100% Sauce Cartridges

Single-source, strain specific, 100% sauce

Our strain specific sauce carts contain 100% sauce and are completely free of any distillate, cutting agents, or artificial terpenes.  Our carts are created through a 6 week slow purge separation process in which we isolate an extracted strains Terpene fraction from its cannabinoids.  We then combine and homogenize the two fractions together with the goal of creating an artisan vaping experience that delivers a full flower flavor, true to the strain.

meet the cannon

The cartridge

All oil-touching components have been 3rd Party tested for applicable FDA, CFR and CPG standards.
Manufactured within 10k/ISO 7 Clean Room environments, all oil touching hardware components are hermetically vacuum sealed to ensure zero contamination prior to packing, shipping and customer delivery.
Medical-grade device manufactured within a cGMP and ISO certified facility.

The Battery

Hunter green, soft touch for grip.